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The Sutton Story


This is a story with a history of innovation, a future of opportunity and a tradition of leadership. It begins with a revolutionary business idea that remains current and relevant after nearly 30 years.

Consistently gaining momentum, this philosophy today attracts more than 9,000 entrepreneurial professionals in Canadian real estate.Their combined efforts earn the trust of millions of customers, ultimately moving an entire industry to restructure its business thinking and practices.

This is a story about a vision that continues to lead by fostering rewarding relationships.

Welcome. This is Sutton.

Changing History
To follow the growth and success of Sutton is to trace the evolution of the Canadian real estate brokerage industry with Sutton and its members at the forefront of change.

Sutton was founded in 1983 and subsequently altered the course of an entire industry on the principle that real estate was driven by highly personalized relationships between the Realtor® and their customers. As such, the Sutton System was designed to put the Realtor® - not the real estate company - at the center of each business transaction. It delivers consumer-driven services, cost-control and creative business freedom to independent Realtors® on the front lines of the industry.

With the entrepreneurial capacity to service local markets and appeal to unique demands, Sutton Realtors® enjoy the best personal net income opportunity in the industry. Their efforts consistently exceed $20 billion in real estate transactions annually.

Charting the Future
In the 1990s, another phenomenon profoundly shifted the business of real estate. Across many industries, the Internet was staging an 'Information Revolution' that empowered consumers with immediate access to information and services once exclusive to intermediary agents such as Realtors®. For some, the new 'consumerized' landscape presented an overwhelming challenge; for Sutton, it was another opportunity, with innovation and leadership, to add value to its services.

Sutton was the first real estate company to offer each of its 8,500 Realtors® with a personal email and custom website at the industry-renowned '' address. This initiative positioned its Realtors® as specialized information brokers, and empowered them to continue growing responsive relationships through a cohesive - and still personal - marketing strategy.

Building Tradition
Today, Sutton continues to lead the industry in services and sponsorships that nurture rewarding relationships.

Taking a leadership role in corporate social responsibility through an initiative called '
Sutton Spirit', Sutton recognizes that its Realtors® are also members of distinct Canadian communities where they live, work and play. As much as the Sutton System is designed to service local markets, Sutton Spirit strives to make meaningful connections by supporting local programs and giving to communities.

Whether it's a summer camp for kids, sponsorship of teams, or coordinating fundraising events for the benefit of all, Sutton Spirit represents countless hours and millions of dollars donated through the work of Sutton, franchisees and devoted individuals.

Sutton has been building a tradition of leadership for nearly 25 years now. It's entrepreneurial system is proven and profitable; its services are consumer-driven and innovative, and its national network of members is renowned and respected.

Sutton understands that continued success is determined by the achievements of each of its Realtors®. A career in real estate - as a Realtor® or franchisee - should be financially and personally rewarding. Operating in a system of mutual respect and responsibility, Sutton continues to support its members in reaching their goals with innovation, opportunity, and leadership.  

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