Why Listing with me means Experiencing Success:

  • I thoroughly research every property to determine the highest possible selling price. I do my homework and show you examples of comparable properties, sales histories, and detailed reports.


  • I provide a detailed checklist of any enhancements required to add maximum value to your house.


  • I professionally stage your home to present it in the best light.


  • Your Home is photographed by top industry photographers.


  • My specialized, multi-tiered marketing plan effectively advertises your property to the right buyers.


  • Several different web sites direct customers to your listing.


  • Your property is immediately listed on MLS.


  • Previously registered buyers looking for a similar property are contacted and invited for a viewing.


  • Professional feature sheets provide captivating information for buyers.


  • I qualify all potential buyers.


  • Viewings and open houses are on your terms.


  • I contact you after each viewing with feedback and connect with you regularly to discuss your progress.


  • You have my cell phone number so that you can speak to me directly.


  • I bring you all offers, give my professional opinion, listen to your direction, and then negotiate your sale agreement including clauses and terms that serve your best interests.


  • I am involved with every condition and waiver and I keep in touch beyond the closing date.

I Listen to You

I follow your direction

I use my knowledge and skill to


Market, Negotiate, and Sell for your Success